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3D And 4D Spray Tanning Guide


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As the advancements in Spray Tanning Solutions increase, so does the need to enhance your body’s best features, in this article you will learn the art of 3D and 4D Tanning to effectively enhance your clients physique. These advanced spray tanning techniques are fast becoming popular, unlike the airbrushing of photos taken to make a model look 10lbs lighter this is a real life version of airbrushing the body.

3D and 4D tanning is also fast becoming a popular way of increasing your business’s profitability as it is more than just another spray tan. Most 3D and 4D setup salons charge $15 – $20 more and the results speak for themselves.

The way you do a 3D tan will differ between male and female clients as each body offers different lines and features that each individual would like to enhance.

Women can achieve from a 3D – 4D Spray Tan;

  • Overall slimmer appearance
  • More slender face line
  • Longer looking legs
  • Bigger cleavage
  • Abs
  • Defining shape
  • Defined clavicles

Men can achieve from a 3D – 4D Spray Tan;

  • A defined jaw line
  • Abs – 6 pack look
  • Bigger looking and more defined pecks
  • Slimmer waist line
  • Defined arms and muscle definition

First ask the client if they have exfoliated properly. If they have come straight from work we would suggest using a prep spray and PH balancer to remove make up, deodorant and sweat residue.

Start by grading your clients’ skin by using our skin colour guide chart. This will give you the right solution to use for their skin type. Fair skin should use low % of DHA while olive skin can use the higher %.

Once the main spray tanning solution shade has been selected choose a 1-2% darker shade for the definition solution, eg. a Regular and Dark could be used in your airbrush machine and pen.

3D Tanning application is best using an airbrush machine with a pen attachment. Firstly using the definition solution define all main features;

  • Gently go over the sides of the torso
  • Highlight the waist line in a ‘V’ shape starting from the hips in
  • Define abs where possible, and muscle definition
  • Apply the darkest shade to the inside and outside of the client’s legs
  • Contour the client’s calf muscle and gluteals
  • Spray the underside of the jaw line
  • Contour the face and create a perfect oval and lightly spray cheek bones
  • Define the hollows of the collar bone and spray along clavicles
  • Define cleavage by spraying in a ‘V’ shape
  • Using a blending brush lightly brush over the areas sprayed following the natural lines of the body

Once the client has had their 3D definition done with the darker solution, it is time to give them an all over spray tan with the main tanning solution – the lighter colour. This is best done using an HVLP unit with a standard spray tanning machine.

To add a 4th dimension to your tan also known as 4D Tanning;

  • Go back over the sides of the torso, this pushes the sides away giving an overall ‘thinner’ appearance
  • If the client has stomach definition define these areas further with gentle sweeps on the airbrush pen
  • Again highlight the sides of the legs to further push them away and lengthen and thin the legs down
  • On the back of the legs define the calf muscles and create a curve under the bum cheeks
  • A stripe of tan down the spine and catching the love handles again on this side help to create a further defined and toned appearance
  • Define the muscles of the arms creating a toned bicep and triceps
  • Create an even deeper ‘V’ into the cleavage to give depth to the area and create an appearance of fullness
  • Define the hollows of the collar bone
  • Define the jaw line again, this hides a double chin
  • Define cheekbones by applying the darkest shade just under the client’s cheekbones
  • Once finished thoroughly dry off your client

The 3D tan is slightly lighter as it has only 2 layers and the over coat of spray tan will make the tan blend a lot more, whereas 4D with 3 layers creates a more defined silhouette.

You will see that your clients will happily pay for a premium treatment meaning a huge increase in tanning revenue and a brilliant way to target new clients with your new found skills that your competitors don’t have!

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3D And 4D Spray Tanning Guide

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