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A History Of Coppertone

A History Of Coppertone [Image Gallery]


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Over 65 Years Of Solar Thinking

1944 – Benjamin Green, a future pharmacist in Miami, develops a product to protect soldiers from sunburn and creates Coppertone®

1954 – The Little Miss Coppertone® Trademark is introduced.

1955 – Coppertone® Shade for ‘Sun -Sensitive Skin’ and the Coppertone® Noskote hit the market.

1958 – Coppertone® becomes the largest selling suncare brand in the world and the most widely advertised too!

1972 – Coppertone® launches the ‘Beautiful Tan Today, Young Looking Skin Tomorrow!’ campaign to raise awareness about how sun exposure affects your skin.

1976 – Tropical Blend Lotion and Oil by Coppertone® becomes Plough’s first product in the best seller category.

1978 – Coppertone® develops the Sun Protection Factor (SPF) concept, which becomes an important part of the Coppertone® sales effort with consumers.

1982 – In 1982 the Coppertone® brand is America’s number one best seller in the suncare market.

1985 – Waterproof products are introduced.

1990 – Following many years of research, Coppertone® creates Coppertone Sport®, the first product to deliver sweat-proof sunscreen in a truly non-greasy, dry formula in SPF 4 and SPF 15.

1999 – Always committed to giving consumers what they need, Coppertone® launches a new product line; invisible sunscreen sprays in SPF 15 and SPF 30 that can be applied with a finger pump.

2001 – Coppertone® introduces the Endless Summer line with Sunless Lotions in a dual chambered package with the colour activator Hydrosil.

2005 – Innovation continues with the launch of the Continuous Spray SPF 30 Sunscreens, featuring an advanced barrier system.

2011 – WaterBabies and Oil Free foaming lotions offer the highest SPF on the market.

For more than 65 years, sun protection has been our number one priority. Since the launch of the very first Coppertone® sunscreen, we’ve been committed to developing high-quality, easy-to-apply suncare products that provide every member of the family with effective sunburn protection.

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