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All Things Tanning Puzzle Fun #1

All Things Tanning Puzzle Fun – Test Your Knowledge #1


Test Your Knowledge #1: CRYPTIC CROSSWORD

Crossword by Tania Wild for All Things Tanning |

All Things Tanning Puzzle Fun - TEST YOUR KNOWLEDGE #1


3. Author of this Puzzle Fun – Test Your Knowledge #1

4. The sweetest tanner

10. Shoot it for beauty, not for the kill

11. A scale of diversity

14. Blending protection and perfection

15. What goes up, must come down

18. Professional home

19. Made for blanking the canvas

20. Is your date warm, cool or neutral?

22. Fine art by air

24. An inedible dessert

27. Forgery, counterfeit

31. One offs, throw away

32. Customise your colour

33. Build up to your best look

34. Smooth view, no lines

35. The worst colour


1. Chiselling perfection for competition

2. Breathe easy with me

3. Your host with the most

5. Shed the old you

6. Fast and furious colour

7. Used to colour and contour

8. Gentle defence

9. Returning skin to it’s best

12. 4 across’ best friend

13. Colour me beautiful, what we do

16. The golden rule after sunless tanning

17. What is sunless tanning?

18. The safest tan is ——-

21. Last minute event life savers

23. High Velocity Low Pressure (abbrev.)

24. The spray tan gun connects to the spray tan ——-

25. It’s our industry

26. On the road

28. The answer to everything

29. Sugars and proteins, the stages of browning, ——– reaction

30. A blonde’s best protection


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