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New Release Bikini Tan by Black Magic Tan

New Release Bikini Tan


Black Magic Tan Press Release 2 May 2016

New Release Bikini Tan by Black Magic Tan

Black Magic Tan is excited to announce a new addition to our highly acclaimed Competition Tanning range.

Bikini Comp Tan was created specifically for all those gorgeous bikini competitors wanting a beautiful deep brown on stage that highlights body contours.

Bikini Tan was thoroughly tested by competitors within the body building industry and resulting rave reviews ensured commercial release.

Bikini Tan sits beautifully on the skin and dries super-fast to provide the perfect wearing experience for competitors and AMAZING colour that’s already experienced Champion status.

Black Magic Tan experience the difference.

Black Magic Tan Australia
Anne St James
Phone: 61 2 9620 7665
Free call: 1800 469 006
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New Release Bikini Tan by Black Magic Tan - Sarah Jade Sullivan

Header and bottom images: Sarah Jade Sullivan – INBA Champion

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