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Caring For Your Spray Tan During The Winter Months

Caring For Your Spray Tan During The Winter Months


Article by Kim Van Tussenbroek from Colour Me Bronze Professional

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No matter how much we try to drum into our clients heads that aftercare is important, some clients still won’t listen and won’t look after their spray tan.

With the colder weather now approaching in Australia we need to make sure that our clients are doing the best that they can to maintain their skin in the best possible way – both for when they have had a spray tan, and even in those times when they are without a spray tan.

Colder weather means drier skin, and more care needs to be taken with keeping moisture within the skin.

As soon as you get out of the shower, moisture will start to get pulled out of the skin from contact with the air. It’s why the best time for a client to moisturise their skin is within 3 minutes of getting out of the shower to prevent dry, crackly skin, especially on the shin area.

Applying moisturiser whilst the skin is slightly wet/damp is best. This locks in the moisture, trapping water in the upper layers of the skin. It also allows the application of the product on the skin to be applied a lot easier as well, without potentially marking or damaging the spray tan whilst the skin is still heated from the shower.

When the client finishes his/her shower they should pat themselves dry… leaving the skin slightly wet (but not dripping). Then they should apply their moisturising product to the skin as soon as possible after coming out of the shower. A thicker amount of moisturiser should be used in winter due to the damaging and drying effects of the cold, windy weather and when humidity levels are lower due to the weather and dry indoor heating.

Please note that moisturising should take place once the tan has fully developed… so no sooner than 24 hours after appointment. Clients should allow their spray tan to develop as naturally as possible without inhibiting or influencing the outcome of the tan by placing products on their sin within this time. This also goes for body washes/soaps.

– Kim
Kim | Colour Me Bronze Professional



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