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Caring For Your Spray Tan Equipment

Caring For Your Spray Tan Equipment


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Whether you’re a salon owner with several pieces of equipment or a do-it-yourself beauty queen with a single spray gun, following the easy maintenance tips below can help you keep your tanning gear in top shape all year long.

Daily Cleaning

To prevent clogs and residue buildup, your spray tan equipment should be cleaned lightly after each use. If you’re a salon owner and use your machine on several clients a day, make a commitment to clean it at the end of each work day. Light daily maintenance covers wiping down the spray gun, removing leftover solution and rinsing out mist applicators. When cleaning, check your machine for signs of normal wear and tear. Replacing old parts early can prevent bigger, much more expensive repairs down the road.

Weekly Maintenance

Based on your schedule, set aside one day a week when you can spend about half an hour on caring for parts that aren’t part of your daily cleaning plan. Filters in large spray machines should be removed, cleaned with hot water and left to dry. If you need to use your machine every day, it helps to have an extra set of filters on hand for immediate replacement. After washing the filter, don’t forget to take a closer look at hoses and connectors to make sure they’re still in working condition.

For spray tan equipment that uses spray guns, weekly care involves taking the spray gun apart and thoroughly cleaning it out. To remove stubborn tanning solution and impurities, use a gun-cleaning liquid from your machine’s manufacturer or from a well-known professional tanning brand.

Annual Inspections

At some point, even the best tanning machines will need professional servicing. Scheduling a yearly inspection appointment with a technician is a great way to keep your spray tan equipment running smoothly. You can usually get referrals for qualified technicians in your area by calling your machine’s manufacturer or a local equipment distributor.

Know Your Spray Tan Equipment

Tanning machines are not all made the same. Because exact care requirements can vary dramatically from one model to another, it’s important to learn as much as possible about your machine by reading its user manual. If you have any questions about day-to-day maintenance or want to find out more information about your model’s warranty coverage, contact the brand’s support department directly.

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