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Competition And 3D Tanning

Competition And 3D Tanning


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Competition And 3D Tanning

Black Magic launches Australia’s first Advanced Competition and 3D Tanning course nationally.

Black Magic is pleased to announce its Advanced Competition and 3D Tanning course is going national. This course is designed to give you an in depth overview of Black Magic’s range of Competition products and how to apply the perfect Competition colour to every client. This course is only design for experienced, professionally trained tanning technicians. The course will cover the perfect preparation for Dancers, Bikini, Figure and Fitness models through to Bodybuilders and Physique.

The Advanced Course is broken up into 4 parts;

Part 1: How To Prepare Before Your Tan

How to prepare the skin correctly to get the most out of your Competition colour, what to wear after your spray tan, how long between getting waxed and tanned and many other hints and tips.

Part 2: Skin Selection

Our skin selection chart is designed to help grade your clients skin to make sure you apply the right number of coats to that competitor for the competition they are competing in.

Part 3: How To Apply Competition Colour

This section is a detailed description of how to do the perfect preparation for Dancers, Bikini, Figure and Fitness models through to Bodybuilders and Physique.

Part 4: 3D Tanning – Hands On Application

The art of 3D/4D Tanning using an air brush machine to sculpt the body giving it a more defined look, great for an overall slimmer appearance, bigger cleavage or making that 6 pack pop out.

On Completion

On completion of this Advanced Training Course you will receive Black Magic’s highest certificate, Advanced Competition and 3D Tanning Certification. This will give you access to purchase Black Magic products from our supply partners worldwide.

To help increase your clients make sure to get your customers to #muscletan as they are competing to show off your work and to help promote your business to the world.

Advanced Training Cost

The cost of this course is $100 redeemable on product on the day, one on one training is available in most areas and is available upon request but the cost is slightly more and is not redeemable on products.

Contact Black Magic HQ on 1800 469 006

Or email;

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