Thursday, 18 October 2018
Call Me Pretty

Call Me Pretty

Fleming Rd, Herston, Queensland, Australia
31 Fleming Road Herston Queensland 4006 AU

The safe alternative to sun-baking and solarium’s, spray tans allow you to go from white to brown in just minutes. UV Rays are proven to cause prematurely aged skin, dry skin and worst of all – cancer.

Spray tans are great for many things such as hiding stretch marks/cellulite and making you look thinner, healthier and more toned.

Anyone can be spray tanned and many different results can be achieved. I have been spray tanning for many years, therefore I have the knowledge to be able to cater for anyone’s colour depth preference. The tan should last between 5 – 7 days with the proper care.

All Spray Tan Solutions $20.00
Solaire, Mediterranean Tan & Mine Tan
Green/Ash/Purple/Red bases
2hr – 8hr solutions available

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