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Happytans Podcast Interview - Haley

Happytans Podcast Interview – Haley Staples



Interview by Grant Kantsios from happytans |

“Our goal is to help you start and grow your own sunless tanning business. I am bringing in some successful business owners within the industry so they can tell you firsthand what they’ve been through to get their business to where it is today. It’s a lot of hard work and a lot of effort but it is possible. I hope you can find some information and inspiration that can help you grow your own business!

If you have any questions for me you can reach me at; and I will be happy to help you.”



In this episode, former salon owner Haley Staples shares the hard work and dedication it took to start and grow her sunless tanning business.


Haley Staples ran a successful tanning business in Orange County, California before her recent move to Texas. She transitioned from mobile tanning to owning her own salon in nearly 9 months. Listen to the podcast to learn more about how her hard work paid off, tips and tools she learned along the way, and what she wished she knew as her journey began.

0:59 – Started out mobile in 2010

2:29Worst entrepreneurial moment led to greater connection and validation from the community in the long run

3:44 – The other side of the coin

6:26One step at a time; “I realized my business was not going to grow the way that I wanted it to unless I brought other people in to help me”

7:15 – Adding to the roster

7:52 – Ongoing assessment

9:19 – Haley’s key to growing your business

10:52What is the one thing that contributed MOST to your success?

12:15 – How to handle unhappy clients

14:58 – Equipment and Solution; As business developed, product needs and usage evolved

17:39Experience pays off; “Start out with something small, something reasonable, get your feet wet and then you can figure out what it is that really works for you”

18:44 – Training and Certification

20:11Dear Haley… A letter to your former Self

Highs And Lows

  • Struggles; Down season, loss of connection to spray tanning community to normalize slow season in tanning
  • Successes; Running full capacity, maximizing her business – her hard work paying off
  • Connecting with other complimentary businesses (i.e. hair, waxing salons)

Business Changes/Growth “Business Growth: One Step At A Time”

  • Greater and more effective success if others are added to the business
  • Expansion; Hiring others, started small – one employee at a time, training, see how things go, add another

Slowly brought in one employee at a time and took time to train, supervise, etc. to gauge quality of work, reassess for effective success – done weekly.

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