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Happytans Podcast Interview – Keli Degenstein



Interview by Grant Kantsios from happytans |

“Thank you for joining me on this first edition of the podcast. Our goal is to help you start and grow your own sunless tanning business. I am bringing in some successful business owners within the industry so they can tell you firsthand what they’ve been through to get their business to where it is today. It’s a lot of hard work and a lot of effort but it is possible. I hope you can find some information and inspiration that can help you grow your own business!

If you have any questions for me you can reach me at; and I will be happy to help you.”



Listen to how Keli took her passion for spray tanning and turned it into a full-time job and her own salon.


Keli is the owner of Flawlous in Lodi, California. Eleven years ago, after being diagnosed with skin cancer, Keli decided to be an advocate for others to introduce them to a healthier way to achieve that tan skin color we all enjoy having. For the first four years she was mobile, but as her clientele grew she decided to open a store front to have the availability to meet more people.


In the sunless industry there are a few months of the year (and a couple more months in the colder states) when people don’t want tans and business slows down. When it slows down you start questioning yourself and wondering if it’s even worth it. In this down time it’s important to do your own self promoting. That’s the time to build your business, go out and meet people and do something to help better your business for next year. You never want to disappear off the radar.


If you have made one person happy they are going to talk about you and the words going to get out. You should ask for referrals but you should also perform your service so good that people want to refer you. When you’re passionate about what you’re doing and you put your heart and soul into it clients will see that when they meet you. You want to stand out, you want to be different. You want that client to feel comfortable and want to come back. Connections are important.

Time Management

Time is one resource we cannot get more of. We can make more money or get new clients but we’re never going to get this time back so it’s important to make the most of that.

  • Make a to-do list the night before of everything you need to get done tomorrow. That helps map out the day.
  • Be strict on the calendar. You have appointments scheduled, phone calls, or whatever it may be. It’s important to stay on schedule with client appointments.


Keli uses the Mini Mast by Apollo. It’s durable and small so it fits into her quiet box. It’s loud so she has a quiet box that she keeps it in to diminish the loudness so she can communicate with her clients. It’s affordable and it’s one you can depend on.


Keli taught herself by doing her own research, doing her own tanning and tanning other people and seeing what she needed to improve on. She learned from her own mistakes. She does not recommend this for others though. She recommends training because you can save yourself time that she didn’t by going the long way around. Training is important because you’re going to get the basic fundamentals you need to launch your business. You want to know FDA rules, you want to understand skin types and solution types. Keli created her own training manual and started working for a large company that produces solution and has helped them with their training for a couple years.

If you have any questions or suggestions for Keli she is willing to help those that want to learn. You can reach her at;

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