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Keep Your Summer Tan All Year Round

How To Keep Your Summer Tan All Year Round


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How To Keep Your Summer Tan All Year Round

Would you love to know how to keep your Naked Tan Spray Tan looking amazing during autumn and the chilly winter months?

Well with the help of a few simple steps you will be able to step out looking tanned and fantastic even in the middle of winter!

  • Always scrub your body the day before you have your spray tan with a good quality scrub; as this will remove any dirt from the day while still keeping your tan looking fresh and new.
  • Moisturise, Moisturise, Moisturise! This is the best way for you to keep your tan looking fresh, healthy and glowing during the cold winter months. The more you moisturise and keep your skin hydrated the slower your skin will peel allowing the tan to stay on your skin longer.
  • Keep hydrated. The more water you drink the more hydrated your skin will be and the more natural your tan will look.
  • Bronzer will become your new best friend. To achieve the bronzed summer glow in winter always apply bronzer to your body, but remember to keep it as natural as possible as you don’t want to look unnaturally dark!
  • Keep that summer glow throughout the cold winter months and use a shimmer to keep looking like a bronzed goddess throughout the winter time, your friends will be asking you when you went for a holiday to a tropical island!
  • Bright is brilliant! Try to wear colours like bright corals, pastels and whites which will make your tan pop and you will be glowing amongst the dark coloured clothes around you.

The Naked Tan Goddess Summer Pack (as pictured) is ideal to use to keep your summer tan looking fresh and fabulous all year round! This pack includes our Naked Tan Body Cleanser, a Goddess Bronze and a Goddess Shimmer.

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