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How To Use A Spray Tan Tent

How To Use A Spray Tan Tent


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A spray tan tent is an essential piece of equipment whether you are spray tanning at home or in a salon, because it effectively keeps unwanted residue from getting on your wall, floors and personal belongings.

No matter how careful you are when you are spray tanning, there will always be overspray that drifts in the air and stains the surroundings. A spray tan tent will allow you to spray wherever you like without having a disaster to clean up afterwards!

There are all sorts of spray tan tents available these days, and lots of them are portable so they’re very easy to maneuver around your house or salon. If you’re running a mobile spray tan business, a tent will be even more imperative as the last thing you want to do is stain your clients homes!

If you’re concerned that it may be too difficult to use a spray tan tent, then worry no more! It just takes a few quick and easy steps that we’ve listed below;

  1. Unzip the bag and pull out the tent. Most tents will quickly pop out of the bag due to their “instant-up” design.
  2. Pull open the panels of the tent so that it creates a three-walled room with an entrance. The tent is now ready to use!
  3. Once you have finished spray tanning, wipe the inside walls of the tent with a wet cloth and a nicely scented cleaning spray. This will ensure that your tent is clean and ready to use for the next spray tanning session.
  4. To close the spray tan tent, bring the opposite corners of the room together. This will create a double flat panel which will easily collapse the tent. You can then fold the double panels in half again to form a single flat panel. Grab the bottom of the tent from each corner and push it against the floor to create a “U” shape. Bring your right hand towards to the left side and rotate your right hand inwards slightly to rotate the tent into a circle. Now push the tent down towards the floor so that the tent collapses into the original folded shape.

As you can tell, using a spray tan tent is simply and easy. We can assure you that it’s much easier than trying to clean an entire room from spray tan residue!

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