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MediterraneanSpa Heated Automatic Booth


Video by Mediterranean Tan, Wax & Beauty |


VIDEO: The MediterraneanSpa™ is peace with a purpose, an opportunity for the mind to relax and unwind, while the body is revived.
The MediterraneanSpa™ is a world leader in heated automatic booths, a sanctuary for the mind and body, offering tranquil, result-driven tanning treatments. MediterraneanSpa™ is not only sublime for the skin but bliss for the body!
Simple movements, warm air to dry the user, trinity mist sprayers that offer complete body coverage to all sizes. Sessions in as little as 4 minutes and most importantly, with MediterraneanSpa™ Cloud, we help you maintain your investment so it is working when you are working. (Published on Dec 17, 2014)

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