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My Tanning Dress

My Tanning Dress


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Have you ever wondered what to wear when having a spray tan?

Do you end up wearing your oldest T shirt or an old skirt you normally wouldn’t be seen dead in? Well ‘my tanning dress’ is the solution.

The designers of my tanning dress have worked in the tanning industry for over 10 years. In that time they have seen countless ladies put on wrong clothing after applying their spray tan. The wrong clothing can not only ruin your tan but stain furniture or your car seat.

my tanning dress is the perfect dress to wear to and from your tanning appointment (or after you apply a tanning product at home). It has been carefully designed to protect your new tan and also just as important to make you look GOOD anywhere you go!

Just throw my tanning dress in the wash after use and it is ready to use again and again. No more ruining your tan, or wearing your daggy old clothes!

Located in Sydney, Australia

My Tanning Dress

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