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Naked Tan Launches Its New Goddess Retail Line


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VIDEO: Naked Tan Flower Wall Shoot “Behind The Scenes”, featuring gorgeous Jackie Bowker. (Published on Sept 22, 2014)

Naked Tan Rebranding 2014

Last Tuesday 23rd of September, Naked Tan launched its brand new Goddess Retail Line at a media breakfast event at Pier One Hotel, Sydney.

The event has been attended by beauty editors of Australia’s biggest magazines such as Cosmopolitan, Marie-Claire, Cleo and Harper’s Bazaar to name a few and beauty bloggers such as Eleanor Pendleton or Ruby Golani.

Guests were able to assist to Lea Taylor’s new retail line presentation but also to stop by Celebrity Fashion Stylist Donny Galella for a fashion makeover to unleash their inner Goddess.

The new Goddess Retail Range includes 7 products with 3 easy to follow categories;

Prepare, Tan and Maintain.

Each product has a very specific role in providing a natural and flawless tan to every Naked Tan customers.

The Goddess Body Cleanser and Goddess Body Exfoliator have been specifically designed to prepare the skin for tanning. They cleanse and exfoliate to obtain a flawless tan.

The Goddess Gradual Tan moisturisers the skin whilst providing pale skin tones a soft natural glow.

Goddess Self Tan and Goddess Bronzing Mousse can be used when not having enough time to book a spray tan, when going on holidays, or just for home tanner lovers.

Enriched with Shea Butter and Aloe Vera, Goddess Crème de la Crème is a nourishing body butter that will make your tan last longer.

The newest edition and latest release is the launch of Goddess Instant Tan. For those times when you can’t even develop a fast tan. One coat of Instant Tan and you will achieve instant results in minutes!

New Goddess Retail Line is now available for pre-orders at or at 1300 365 683.

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