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Opus 4 Automatic Booth - End Of Year Special

Opus 4 Automatic Booth – End Of Year Special


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Opus 4 – Automatic Spray Tanning Booth has been designed upwards from the shell of the Opus 3 Integrated Spray Tanning Booth.

Opus 4 Automatic Booth - End Of Year Special

Opus 3′s proven track record for high performance in terms of extraction and containment of over-spray made it an ideal platform for the integration of a unique patented robotic spray arm, that resulted in the creation of Opus 4 – The Robotic Therapist.

Using just a single and unique HVLP spray gun, integrated to a programmable dual axis robot, Opus 4 creates a truly comfortable experience for the client as they’re sprayed using similar techniques to manual spray tanning, the difference being however that Opus 4 delivers repeatable results in complete privacy and complete comfort with flawless tans applied every time. The most popular comment made by experienced sunless tanning clients, “it’s the best tan I’ve ever had”. Yes, Opus 4 applies spray tans better than manual therapists, a claim SML Distribution are happy to promote with confidence.

Opus 4 Automatic Booth - End Of Year Special

Just 2 standing positions are required in relaxed poses, front and back, with each step of the process assisted by pleasant automated voice instructions that guide the client through the entire treatment, making it virtually impossible to get wrong, even without prior instructions. If clients do make a mistake, Opus 4 is very forgiving as spray trajectories are focused on the client and not simply a zone. As such, very little waste is generated. Four application rates are provided for each solution bottle (facility for 2 x 1 gallon bottles) – Light, Medium, Dark and now Super Dark. Light applies 56ml, Medium applies 66ml, Dark applies 76ml and Super Dark applies 90ml, placing it in a class of its own.

As standard, Opus 4 is supplied with 2 fluid feed systems. The only consumable that needs to be considered is a hair net, as Opus 4 does not require the client to apply Barrier Cream, wear Sticky Foot Protectors or disposable underwear, making it truly unique and re-writing the rule book. Clients will experience truly natural looking tans that develop evenly, last longer and wear off evenly.

A colour touch screen interface allows salon staff to select Automated treatments; Light, Medium, Dark & Extra Dark from Fluid 1 or 2, or select Manual treatment using an integrated LVLP Manual spray gun depending on client preference (optional extra). Integration for use with TMax is also provided (optional extra) allowing the booth to be actuated at reception.

As Opus 4 operates a disposable dry filter technology, the 3 stages of filtration require replacement at set intervals if Opus 4 is to remain operating at optimum performance for the long-term. The 1st Stage filter requires replacement for every 8 Litres used. The 2nd Stage filter requires replacement every 24 Litres and the 3rd Stage Exhaust & Input filters require replacement every 48 Litres. A ’48 Litre’ filter pack is made available for just $270 + GST.

The Opus 4 extraction technology in combination with its unique filter arrangement, removes the need to integrate the traditonal water-wash feature commonly seen in automated spray tanning booths. A simple 30 second wipe-down using a domestic wet-wipe is all that is required to keep the booth clean in preparation for the next client.

Opus 4 Automatic Booth - End Of Year Special

Opus 4 is a compact corner fitting booth with an elegant design that allows it to take centre stage in larger treatment rooms. Measuring just 1,100mm x 1,425mm x 2,250mm height, it fits into most treatment rooms with a minimum room size of 1,500mm x 2,000mm x 2,300mm height. No additional room ventilation is required as Opus 4 manages its own mini-environment and contains ALL overspray within the booth volume, ensuring treatment rooms remain clean from overspray damage.

Opus 4 is being called ‘The Re-Invention of Automated Spray Tanning’, designed specifically to spray ALL Tanning Brands without compromise however, Opus 4 works at its best with any solution, along with the heated air flow environment which produces extremely natural looking and long-lasting tans (NO Fake Tans with Opus 4).

If you share SML Distribution’s vision and understand the benefits Opus 4 can bring your business, allowing clients to be sprayed in complete privacy with ‘Better Than Airbrush Quality Results’, encouraging new clients that would never dream of presenting themselves to therapists undressed, then email; for more details.

Chris Nelson, inventor of the Opus 4 adds, “I’ve been manual spray tanning for 11 years, spraying thousands of clients, training hundreds of therapists, demonstrating at shows and testing new techniques. I am not able to match the quality of tan that Opus 4 produces time after time – not a sales pitch, simply the truth”.

SML Distribution have a number of options available for you to purchase Opus 4. They are now pleased to introduce a competitive Lease Purchasing Scheme for Salons to consider with FlexiCommercial, allowing you to protect your cash flow and consider higher quality, higher value equipment that may otherwise be out of reach to you.

Opus 4 – described by Industry experts as an Automated Spray Tanning Booth “ahead of its time”.


SML Distribution are giving Salon Owners and all Tanning Businesses in Australia and New Zealand the chance to purchase this revolutionary Booth at $29,990.00 Excluding GST until the end of the year 2013!

This huge End Of Year Special is due to the success the Booth has had Internationally. Salons are saving thousands, as this booth usually retails for $36,500.00.

Delivery, installation and training costs still apply.

Equipment Presentation Brochure Now Available, contact;

VIDEO: Opus 4 automatic robotic therapist in action at the Sydney International Spa & Beauty Expo 2013.

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