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Organic Spray Tan Solution – Fact Or Fiction?

Organic Spray Tan Solution – Fact Or Fiction?


Article by Kim Van Tussenbroek from Colour Me Bronze Professional |


I wanted to write a post on Organic spray tans because there seems to be an increase in businesses claiming that they provide organic spray tans/tanning, and brands that still claim that their solution is organic without any official certification.

For a solution to be claimable of an organic certification it needs to contain 95% or more organic ingredients. Not only do the ingredients need to be organic, but the product itself needs to be manufactured in a certified organic environment.

Products that have been labelled with “made with organic ingredients” need to contain 70% or more organic ingredients.

There are some solutions with more organic ingredients and more natural ingredients than others and there are huge differences in quality across brands, but unless a solution has been certified organic you can pretty much guarantee that solution as a whole isn’t organic.

With spray tan solutions containing anywhere up to 15% DHA in their formulation it is virtually impossible to have an organic spray tan solution.

Ingredients in a spray tan solution that do not count towards the ingredients that make a solution organic are;

  • DHA
  • FD&C colourants
  • Synthetics (even in minuscule amounts)
  • Synthetic preservatives
  • Fragrances

The claims of organic within the spray tan industry are everywhere and are quite misleading.

Organic DHA does not exist and any company claiming they have Organic DHA in their solutions is false. If a company states that they use EcoCert Certified Organic DHA, ask for confirmation of their organic claims.

EcoCert does not certify individual ingredients like DHA. They certify only finished products like spray tan solutions.

EcoCert has approved DHA made by a few companies for use in a finished product that is certified by them as “Natural” or “Natural and Organic”. This means that if the formula meets the requirements of Ecocert on natural and organic content, their DHA may be used and the product will still obtain EcoCert Certification. There is only one Ecocert certified sunless tanning solution in the world that I am aware of and that is TanOrganic.

If a brand claims to be an organic spray tan solution but does not state who has certified the product, it is likely not organic. Labels of organic products must state the name of the certifier. If a solution contains FD&C colours or Fragrance on the ingredients list, it is NOT organic.

– Kim
Kim | Colour Me Bronze Professional

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