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Our Experts - Profile On Kim Van Tussenbroek

Our Experts – Profile On Kim Van Tussenbroek


All Things Tanning Special Guest Tanning Expert | Brand Owner | Trainer | Tanning Mythbusters

Hello! I’m Kim and I am the founder of Colour Me Bronze Professional.

Spray tanning recreationally for friends and family to begin with, I decided to start up my own business. As an ex “baby-oil” sunbaker and solarium user for many years during my teens and early 20’s, I now suffer consequences of getting too burnt on one of these occasions, resulting in 2nd degree burns. Now I need to get regular skin check-ups for skin cancer due to the amount of time I spent out in the sun/under a solarium in my younger years.

My goal is to help others and stop them from making the same mistakes I did, and to get a tan by the method of spray tanning rather than sitting in the sun or using a solarium. I am passionate about spray tanning, a perfectionist at heart and am always researching and trialing new methods to make sure that I am keeping up-to-date with the most current tanning styles, and information on the spray tanning industry.

I’ve been lucky enough to have worked with and had my brand featured on many local and international celebrities, have spray tanned many models who have been featured on covers of magazines including Cleo, Cosmopolitan, Lita Magazine, Maxim, and Vogue Australia, as well as inside spreads and adverts in magazines here in Australia and worldwide – and more, including;

  • Various Celebrities and TV Personalities (both Australian and overseas clients)
  • 2DayFM
  • Dan & Maz Show
  • KiisFM
  • Kyle & Jackie O Show
  • Dana Carmont
  • Channel 7
  • House Rules
  • Channel 9
  • Gok Wan’s “Style the Nation”
  • The Disney Channel
  • IMG Models
  • Chadwick Models
  • Priscilla’s Models
  • The Agency Models
  • Bras Without Wires
  • Lita Magazine
  • Vogue Australia
  • Mario Testino

I now have over 10 years experience as a spray tanner and also just over a year as a brand owner… so I am still learning a lot about being a brand owner, but am proud to say that I have a very extensive knowledge base on the spray tanning industry and spray tanning in general. This knowledge of course grows every day as I learn more and more.

The science side of spray tanning absolutely fascinates me which I guess comes from me being such a “science geek” at school. I really wanted to head that way with my schooling and career, working in scientific research, but a severe head and back injury I had at school at a gymnastics competition stopped me from continuing school and moving forward into uni, whilst I was rehabilitating and getting my life back in order. I still have trouble with memory to this day due to the severity of the head injury, so I went down another path working as an Executive Assistant for many years, before giving that up and continuing on with another true love… spray tanning… the science side of it is just an added bonus!

I’m the type of person who loves to research and investigate and learn everything about spray tanning… and I hope to bring this vast amount of knowledge into this site so I can teach you all as much as I know. It’s a very fascinating industry and there is so much to learn.

If you have any questions about the spray tanning industry, or the Colour Me Bronze Professional range, I am always here to help.

– Kim

Colour Me Bronze Professional


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