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Peeing In The Shower

Peeing In The Shower


Article by Shazzi Hainsworth from Shazzi’s Tanning |


Hi guys, just want to touch on a subject that many tanning techs are facing in the spray tan world.

I’m not saying that this is a problem of mine, and really what you do in the shower is none of my business – well it shouldn’t be!

The subject that I am going to make you aware of is…

Peeing In The Shower


Like I said, what you do in the shower is your own business. However when you pee in the shower when rinsing off your tan, it kinda puts us in a position where it becomes our business too.

This can be a disaster. After researching this subject I have discovered that there are apparently many benefits to weeing in the shower, but at this particular time it’s not.

When rinsing your tan, you also should not be using any products like soap, shampoo or conditioners. Just a quick 60 second rinse off.

When you tinkle in the shower whilst rinsing off your awesome tan, you could also be stripping it causing flow lines down your legs. This can strip the tan as the tan is still developing and your urine can be acidic due to diet.

Flow lines from water can also happen when rinsing your tan if you don’t rinse the tan off properly, but those can usually fix themselves in another rinse off so that all the excess bronzer is off.

The classic signs for knowing that you have peed in the shower are that after discovering that you have flow lines and they won’t come off in another rinse off, and well, you know you peed in the shower, you also have lines running down your legs starting from your top inner thighs, going down either the back or front of your inner legs.

So next time you get a spray tan, please try to hold off peeing in the shower. Us spray tanning techs really don’t want to ever have to ask about your shower business because it’s your business not ours.

Yours Kindly,

Anonymous Spray Tan Techs. ♥

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