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Salon Supplies You Can’t Live Without

Salon Supplies You Can’t Live Without


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The setup of a spray tanning salon requires it to be fully supplied with the essential products.

These spray tanning supplies are essential to keep your business running with extremely satisfied clients! So let us go through the checklist of the spray tanning supplies below to ensure you have everything you need for your salon:

Spray Tan Solutions

A spray tanning solution is a cosmetic which dyes the skin brown and makes it appear as if the client has a suntan. This makes it a vital part of the salon supplies you will purchase as it is the key component of spray tanning. Spray tanning solution is made out of a carbohydrate called dihydroxyacetone (DHA) which dyes the skin brown. This sugar is TGA approved and is completely safe to use on the skin.

Barrier Creams

A barrier cream protects the skin from unwanted tan build-up. It will protect the palms, soles of the feet, nails and dry areas from over-tanning when applied. The cream should be applied till the spray tan application is completed and should be wiped off with warm water.


A primer is required in your list of salon supplies because it will prepare your client’s skin for the spray tan by lowering their pH level. It also adds the necessary moisture to the client’s skin, which then deepens the tone of the spray tan.

Blending Creams

A blending cream is a must-have for all tanning salons. This is because blending creams minimize or fully block the absorption of DHA in areas that tend to over-tan. This cream should be used on the hands, feet, and the elbows.

Hair Caps

Another important part of your spray tanning supplies are hair caps. Disposable hair caps protect the clients’ hair during the spray tanning session. It also will help in keeping unwanted hair off the client’s face.

Disposable G-Strings

The disposable G-string is designed to protect the client’s underwear from getting any spray tan residue. These are free-size and are very hygienic.

Disposable Bras

These bras are designed to prevent the client’s chest from getting spray tanned.

Clean Feet

The clean feet is another important salon supply as it is specifically designed for protecting the feet from unwanted spray tan residue. This ensures the client does not obtain brown soles after the spray tan session.


Towels are needed post-spray tan session for the removal of sweat or excess spray tan residue.

Nose Filters

Spray tan solution is not harmful but if you inhale it, it can be dangerous.

There are also DIY products which your clients would be interested in purchasing after their spray tan session from your salon. The products can also be used during in-between visits by the clients for touch-ups. These spray tan supplies should be available to use and purchase in your salon:

Tan Extenders

A tan extender prolongs the life of the fake tan. It’s a cream that hydrates and nourishes the skin. It also develops and intensifies the color of the tan, so it is an ideal touch-up tool that should be used regularly.

Tan-Off Mitts

A tan-off mitt blends a tan and creates a flawless and even self-tan over the body of the client. It is also used as an exfoliator that scrubs off excess tan.

Bronzing Powders

Another appealing spray tan supply for your clients will be bronzing powders. The bronzing powder will leave your client in a state of pure golden perfection. The powder is simply dusted over the face, shoulders and anywhere else they desire to create a bronze glow.

Tanning Lotions

A tanning lotion is designed to tan the skin of the client when it is applied. The penetrating formula of the tanning lotion is created to give a long-lasting golden colour to the skin.

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