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ShowerTan Home Hands-Free Spray Tan System

ShowerTan Home Hands-Free Spray Tan System


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ShowerTan vs. UV tanning

ShowerTan is 100% UV-free (also called sunless) tanning, which is the safe alternative to tanning in the sun or UV tanning beds. With ShowerTan, there is no risk of skin cancer, burning, peeling, or wrinkles, like there is with overexposure to UV light. ShowerTan takes only a few minutes to prepare, apply, and clean up – UV tanning takes much longer to obtain similar results.

ShowerTan vs. tanning lotions, foams, or aerosol tanners

ShowerTan provides full-body coverage with a 20 second mist, making it is much quicker and easier to use, while providing far superior full-body coverage. Self application with lotions, foams, or aerosol tanners can be messy and sloppy, requires lots of time and practice to get it right, and for an even application you typically need someone to assist with difficult to reach places like your back.

ShowerTan vs. airbrush, spray gun, or mist booth tanning

ShowerTan allows you to conveniently tan in the privacy of your own home, on your own schedule, and at a fraction of the cost of other types of mist spray tanning. To obtain a similar quality full body tan with an airbrush or spray gun, you need someone trained in the field to apply it and this is typically done in salons. With ShowerTan, there’s no need to schedule an appointment, drive to a salon, wait your turn, or get undressed in front of someone else.


Does ShowerTan have to be used in a shower?

No, although most people prefer to use it there because it is convenient and private. ShowerTan can also be used in a basement, garage, or even outdoors if it’s not windy!

Will it stain my shower or bathroom walls?

No. ShowerTan’s STC Solution is clear and does not stain. The solution overspray residue is clear but can be rinsed with water after use, or with your next shower.

How long does it take to use?

ShowerTan’s misting spray lasts about 20 seconds, and the complete process including set up and clean up, only takes about 5 minutes. The tan slowly develops on your skin within 8-12 hours after use.

How long does the tan last?

Most people’s UV-free tan fades within 5 to 7 days after use as their skin gradually sheds. The quality and duration of the tan can be maximized by exfoliating before use and moisturizing daily afterward.

How often can I use it?

ShowerTan can be used once or twice per week to maintain a continuous tan, or just on occasion as needed. We do recommend waiting at least 24 hours between sessions.

What are ShowerTan’s tanning solutions?

ShowerTan’s STC Solution is an Aloe Vera based clear tanning solution that contains 8.75% DHA as the active tanning ingredient. It is not fragranced and does not contain alcohol like some tanning solutions, which can dry your skin. ShowerTan’s STB Solution is the same as STC Solution except that it also includes a light bronzer so you can see it when applied. The ShowerTan starter kit includes one pump spray bottle of STB Solution for use as a tan extender or for touch-ups between full body sprays.

What is DHA and how does it work?

DHA, short for Dihydroxyacetone, is a sugar compound and is an FDA approved cosmetic ingredient that has been used for UV-free tanning for decades. DHA reacts with the outermost layers of your skin turning them a golden tan colour, which lasts until the darkened skin cells are shed.

How do I get replacement tanning solution and cartridges?

These can be purchased in our ShowerTan Products section in 4-Packs or Bulk refills.

ShowerTan Home Hands-Free Spray Tan System


Does a sunless tan protect me from the sun?

No. Our tanning solutions do not contain sunscreen and a UV-free tan does not provide any protection from the sun. Sunscreen should be worn as normal when in the sun to protect against the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Do I need to hold my breath?

It is recommended that you hold your breath during the misting but the solution is not toxic. People with asthma or other respiratory concerns should consult a doctor before use.

Is ventilation required?

Ventilation is not required, although bathroom vent fans can be used if available. Most of the mist spray settles on your body and the overspray just settles to your shower walls and floor.

Is DHA Safe?

Yes, DHA has been an approved cosmetic ingredient since the 1970’s and has been used successfully for many years in sunless tanners as well as other products. Of course, a physician should be consulted before using ShowerTan if you are pregnant, or have any conditions such as asthma or skin conditions that could potentially be affected by using ShowerTan.

Does the solution stain hair?

ShowerTan’s STC Solution does not contain anything that will stain or damage your hair. However a shower cap is recommended to keep the solution out of your hair because it can be a bit sticky.

Can it turn skin orange or streaky?

When sunless tanning lotions were first introduced decades ago they were plagued with orangey and streaky results and were unforgiving of excessive or uneven application. These problems have mostly disappeared with today’s more advanced tanning products and application techniques, and especially with ShowerTan because is coats your whole body evenly with the proper amount of solution every time.

Is the solution sticky or smelly?

As with any tanning solution containing DHA, your skin will feel slightly ‘tacky’ after the solution dries, but this goes away within a few hours. Some people also notice a slight ‘starchy’ smell associated with the DHA, but this is normally not noticed by others and also goes away within a few hours.

Can I use my own tanning solution?

The unit can be filled with any spray-on tanning solution. However, the formulation of ShowerTan’s STC Solution has been extensively tested with, and was selected specifically for use with the ShowerTan system. The solution consistency is slightly different than typical spray-on solutions and complements the ShowerTan misting application process very well. It is also competitively priced. We think you will love our tanning solution and choose to continue using ShowerTan’s STC solution, but you are able to try your own in the system if you wish. Please note, tanning cartridges are still needed when using other solutions. These are available for separate purchase in our Products section.

Can I spray my face?

Although the misting nozzles can be directed to avoid your face, ShowerTan is intended to provide a tan to your entire body, including your face. The Food and Drug Administration has thus far approved DHA for external use only – this does not include body surfaces covered by mucous membranes, such as the lips, eyes, or nasal passages, nor does it cover ingestion or inhalation. At this time, there is no scientific data that suggests any harm is caused by exposure to these areas. ShowerTan recommends you hold your breath and close your eyes and mouth during the 20 second mist spraying. It is your decision whether to take any additional protection measures such as lip balm, eye goggles, or nose plugs.

What about skin type variations?

ShowerTan works with all skin types and tones. However, as with any tanning method, the results will vary depending on your particular skin. ShowerTan’s STC Solution is an 8.75% DHA formulation, which generally gives a medium tan on light to medium skin tones with one application. People with extremely light skin may achieve better results by diluting the solution by ¼ to ½ with water. People with darker skin tones may need to use DHA booster drops to strengthen the solution or they may wish to ShowerTan more frequently to get the desired results.

Trial size (4oz) pump spray bottles of our solutions are sold in our Products section for people who want to try them out on their own skin.

Are the tanning cartridges safe?

Yes, when handled properly. ShowerTan’s tanning cartridges are high-pressure CO2 cartridges similar to those used in airguns and seltzer bottles. Tanning cartridges should be kept at room temperature, should not be heated or punctured, and should be kept out of the hands of children.


How is the ShowerTan unit cleaned and maintained?

After each use, the ShowerTan unit is cleaned inside and out. External cleaning is accomplished by simply rinsing with water. Internal cleaning is achieved by spraying the unit through with water (in place of solution). Extra cartridges are provided in our starter kit and refill kits to allow for cleaning after every use.

What is the ShowerTan warranty?

Each new ShowerTan unit includes a limited one year manufacturer’s warranty as follows: if the unit malfunctions due to a manufacturing defect within one year of purchase, simply ship the unit back to us and it will be repaired or replaced free of charge, except for any freight charges.

Do you have a trial period money back return policy?

We are currently offering a 30-Day money back guarantee.

What if the ShowerTan unit needs service outside of the warranty?

The ShowerTan unit can be repaired and/or replacement parts can be ordered upon request by contacting ShowerTan, email;


How should I prepare to ShowerTan?

The ShowerTan starter kit includes a practice tanning cartridge so you can do a test run of the unit using water the first time. This is very helpful for first time users because it gives you a great idea how the mist sprays and how long it lasts. It is best to thoroughly exfoliate before using ShowerTan so the DHA reaction occurs on ‘fresh’ skin.

Skin should be completely clean (no make-up) and dry before using ShowerTan. Caution should always be taken when handling tanning solution to prevent unwanted contact with skin, which will cause unwanted darkening, especially on hands. This problem is avoidable by thoroughly washing any area of unwanted contact within a few minutes after contact.

What should I avoid before and after ‘showertanning’?

For best results, remove all make-up and exfoliate prior to use. After showertanning, avoid sweating, showering, swimming, and tight fitting clothes for 8-12 hours, if possible, so as not to interfere with the tanning process.

What should I wear during and after showertanning?

Wearing booties and a plastic shower cap (provided in ShowerTan’s kits) is recommended. A bathing suit or underwear is up to you! Loose clothing should be worn afterwards. And even though the solution is clear, DHA can stain silk, nylon, lycra, spandex, leather, and wool, so these materials should be avoided after use.

What tips do you have for hands, feet, knees, and elbows?

As with any UV-free tanning process, these areas tend to be the most difficult areas to tan evenly because the thicker skin around your fingers, palms, feet, and to a lesser extent your knees and elbows, can turn extra dark from too much DHA contact. Wearing booties protects the bottom of your feet, but the solution should be blended onto the tops and sides of your feet by rubbing in or blotting with a towel after removing the booties to prevent a ‘bootie line’.

Note, it can help to stand on a towel during use because even with the booties on, the solution can soak through to the bottoms of your feet if you stand in a wet puddle of solution. If the booties are loose around your ankle, you can pinch them in the back, twist them tighter, and then tuck the twist down into the bootie.

Moisturizing lotion can also be used as a barrier cream prior to use and again as a blender/softener after use for any thick skin areas. A damp towel or washcloth can also be used to wipe excess solution off of these areas after use.

Hands should be washed with soap and water immediately after using ShowerTan but care should be taken not to splash water on other parts of the body. Alternatively, gloves can be worn.

How can I best maintain my tan?

Since DHA only reacts with the outermost layers of skin, it begins to fade as that skin sheds. Daily moisturizing can extend the life of your skin layers and also your tan. Also, ShowerTan’s STB Solution, included with the starter kit, can be used as a tan extender or for touch ups between uses.



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