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Spray Tanning Tips For Your Wedding Day

Spray Tanning Tips For Your Wedding Day


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To spray tan or not to spray tan – it’s one of the most important decisions every bride-to-be has to make before her wedding day.

While the perfect faux tan can look absolutely stunning against a lily-white dress, spray tanning does have the potential to go terribly wrong. The idea of walking down the aisle with an orange skin tone or a stained gown can be terrifying, but you should not let worst-case scenarios scare you into giving up on your dream wedding look. Planning ahead and following our five golden rules for pre-wedding spray tans can help you get flawless results and avoid any self-tanning mishaps.

1. Keep your skin in top shape.

Because tanning agents work within the top layers of the skin, achieving a deep and even tan is tough without properly priming your skin before the application. To get the best coverage on your big day, start exfoliating your skin a few months before your wedding date. With advanced planning and a consistent care routine, your skin will look fresh and radiant just in time for your walk down the aisle.

2. Do a trial run.

Getting a feel for faux tanning and how it looks on your skin in advance is one of best spray tanning tips you can follow to find your perfect colour match before your wedding day. The wrong colour formula choice is one of the most common reasons why bridal sprays tans go bad. What works for one skin tone may not be right for you, so picking a colour on a whim the day before your wedding is a bad idea. Schedule a few sessions at least a few weeks before the special day to find your ideal shade and learn how to maintain it.

3. Get any skin prepping out of the way the day before your final wedding spray tan.

You can follow all the best spray tanning tips, but shaving or exfoliating your skin after your tanning session can completely ruin that perfect colour you worked on for weeks. Remember that practically any product or procedure that affects the top layers of your skin can instantly strip your tan, so you should always get it done ahead of time.

4. Consider hiring an airbrush tanning technician.

If you still feel nervous about stepping into a tanning booth, working with a hands-on technician might be more your style. Professional airbrush artists do charge more for their services, but they guarantee natural-looking results.

5. Book your last spray tan two days before your wedding.

Tanning a couple of days before the big day will give you plenty of time to correct potential mistakes and protect your dress from stains because fresh spray tans are more likely to rub off on fabric. To make sure your tan lasts through your wedding day, avoid moisture for at least eight hours after your appointment and moisturise your entire body with a hydrating lotion immediately after your next shower.

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Spray Tanning Tips For Your Wedding Day

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