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VIDEO: The SunAlert UV icon changes color when it is exposed to dangerous levels of UV rays. When high UV levels are not present, the icon is clear. As UV levels rise, the icon turns pink with medium exposure (at UV index levels 1-3) and red with high exposure (at UV index levels 4+).
This first of its kind technology is intended to alert parents, caregivers and people who spend a great deal of time exposed to the sun if UV rays have reached levels that may be harmful to you or your family. Keep in mind UV rays on cloudy days are extremely hard to detect.
The SunAlert indicator is available on apparel & accessories for children, teens, adults and pets, in order to protect every member of the family from the dangers of the sun. (Published on Sep 24, 2012)

LuvGear Protect Me Alerts


LuvGear™ is a revolutionary lifestyle brand designed to protect your family from nature’s dangers.

Safer from the Start is a series of ink-filled alert icons that are built into the clothing and lifestyle products.

There are four Alerts – SunAlert™ , ColdAlert™ , TempAlert™ , and HotAlert™ . These alert icons are crafted with engineered state-of-the-art technology to alert you of various potential dangers such as elevated UV rays, dangerously cold temperatures, high body temperatures, and hot liquid temperatures.

The technology is available for use on clothing for children, teens and adults as well as on active lifestyle products including camping/hiking gear, pet apparel, clothing and towels as well as any outdoor products.


VIDEO: Just like humans, dogs are susceptible to many of nature’s dangers. Studies show that prolonged exposure to the sun and UV rays can cause irritation to a dog’s skin in very similar ways as it does for us humans. We’ve also discovered that even brief exposure to sub-zero weather can lead to frostbite of the paws, nose or ears of a dog and hypothermia. That means letting your dog out for even a brief period of time can be dangerous if your pet is not wearing the proper protection.
The SunAlert & ColdAlert indicators are now available on Pet apparel to notify the caregivers of any potential harms from UV rays or extremely cold temperatures. Pets protect your family – LuvGear protects them! (Published on Nov 6, 2012)

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