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SunFX Retail Products 2014 [Video Gallery]


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VIDEO: No other self tanning product available in Australia can produce the same stunning, natural looking tan that you get from Caribbean Summer. That is because Caribbean Summer is the only self tanning product in Australia that features a unique blend of premium quality all natural tanning agents. This simply gorgeous, 100% all natural tan building/moisturising foam leaves the skin feeling beautifully revitalised and rehydrated in a way that only a product made with premium all natural ingredients can. Caribbean Summer is available in two different levels – Medium and Dark. (Published on Dec 18, 2014)


VIDEO: Ease of application is what sets SunFX WhiteOut Airbrush Tan apart from the competition. The unique delivery system means that you can easily reach those hard to access places when creating your own amazing, natural looking tan. It even sprays upside down! Now anyone can create their own gorgeous tan, or extend their current spray tan, quickly and easily with a minimum of fuss and effort. It’s no wonder that WhiteOut is one of Australia’s most popular self tanning aerosol products. (Published on Dec 18, 2014)


VIDEO: Summer’s Secret develops a gradual, beautiful and completely natural looking tan over just a few days. Summer’s Secret is also perfect for extending the life of a salon spray tan. It lusciously hydrates the skin and builds a long lasting, natural glowing tan while leaving your skin feeling wonderfully smooth and soft. (Published on Dec 18, 2014)


VIDEO: BODY POLISH with Walnut Shell. SunFX Body Polish uniquely combines walnut shell and pumice to create an exfoliating body scrub that is amazingly effective at removing dry and dead skin, making it perfect for your pre-tan preparation. The rich emollient properties of Body Polish means that you don’t need much for a full body exfoliation. So a tub of SunFX Body Polish goes a very long way. It features a beautiful aroma and leaves the skin feeling beautifully smooth and soft. (Published on Sep 14, 2014)

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