Monday, 17 June 2019
TAN TEST by Brooke O’Brien – PureTAN PureBronze Dark Bronze

TAN TEST by Brooke O’Brien – PureTAN PureBronze Dark Bronze

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Tan Test by Special Guest Tanning Expert Brooke O’Brien |


A Salon Tan is now in your hands. PureTAN’s PureBronze Professional Range offers deep hydration and long lasting colour!

PureTAN’s PureBronze Professional Salon Range is Rich in Antioxidant ingredients to assist and fight the signs of aging, including Vitamin C & E and Kakadu Plum Extract.

PureBronze Provides Intense Hydration through nourishing agents including Organic Macadamia Oil + Coconut Oil assisting a longer lasting and even fade tan.

Contains Firming + Toning technology – Caffeine, and Soothing Skin agents Aloe Vera + Green Tea.

Suitable for all skin types.


TAN TEST by Brooke O’Brien – PureTAN PureBronze Dark Bronze

This is no ordinary tan test, I am very excited to share this one with you!

I spray tanned my model Laura the day before she excitingly jet set over to beautiful Bali for a holiday. Of course Laura wasn’t going to have her mind on maintaining her spray tan correctly. Laura’s plan was to explore the island, swim, take in the tropical sun rays and drink cocktails at sundown.

I’m sure you are all wanting to know whether Laura’s spray tan survived during these extreme conditions and neglectful skin conditioning… Read on to see…

  • When spray tanning PureTAN’s Dark Bronze I was impressed in how smooth it sat on Laura’s fair skin. The solution came out of my spray gun in a fine mist and the colour guide was visible to achieve an even application.
  • What I love about PureTAN’s professional spray tan solutions is the nourishing skin care properties; Vitamins C & E, Organic Macadamia Oil, Coconut Oil, Aloe Vera & Green Tea. All these natural ingredients is to assist in a longer lasting tan and give nourishment to the skin.
  • Laura found that the tan was non-sticky and fast drying, giving her the confidence to get dressed almost straight after her application.
  • The tan looked quite dark at first, but after Laura’s first shower the tan looked very natural and adapted well to her pale complexion (as seen in the before and after picture)
  • Ok the part you have all been waiting for… How long did Laura’s spray tan last? Surprisingly Laura’s tan lasted for 6 days and didn’t go patchy.
  • Laura quoted: “In the time I was tanned I wore lots of sunscreen, mosquito repellant and was in and out of water all day long. My tan started to fade off on my ankles and wrists, however didn’t go patchy. I scrubbed my tan off on day 6 but if it were normal conditions my tan would have lasted a couple more days – I am very positive of this. I loved the colour very natural”


Laura is the typical “girl next door” personality. Laura loves to workout at the gym 3 times a week and works part time at a fashion store. She spends weekends going out with friends and takes the time out for her regular beauty routine. Laura is not a outdoor tanner and has naturally pale skin all year round, this is why Laura is the perfect spray tan model to show everyone at home and salon professionals the true colouring in which a spray tan can give you. A pale skin tone will highlight the spray tan’s true hue of colour – natural or orange, dark, medium or light tan.

There are so many spray tan solutions out there on the market and it’s hard to choose the right one to suit you or your clients!

Each month Brooke O’Brien from Bottle 4 Bottle and All Things Tanning have partnered together to take you on a Spray Tan journey showing you before and after pictures of what different spray tan brands and solutions look like on Model Laura.


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