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The Benefits Of Using A Tanning Mitt

The Benefits Of Using A Tanning Mitt


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With so many different tanning tools to choose from it can be difficult to know which products are worth investing in.

If you’re a serious self-tanning fan, don’t hesitate to make high-quality tanning mitts your next buy. From exfoliating to application, a tanning mitt can be used to perfect every step of the tanning process. While they’re often sold as accessories for mousse formulas, tanning mitts are universal. Whether you love to use at-home lotions or prefer to get salon spray tans, adding an application mitt and a tan off mitt to your beauty collection can help you get the most out of any tanning formula.

Using Your Tan Off Mitt to Remove Old Colour

One of the problems with using standard cleansers to exfoliate before tanning is that they aren’t specifically meant for optimising sunless tanning products. Even the best exfoliators can sometimes leave behind deep-seated dirt and leftover residue from a previous tan job. Because polishing tanning mitts are made for preparing the skin before tanning, they can get old tan off faster than other beauty products. To get stubborn tan off with your mitt, first soften your skin in a warm shower. Using a small amount of a gentle exfoliating cleanser, scrub your body from head to toe until your skin returns back to its natural colour.

Using Tanning Mitts for Application

In addition to effectively taking an old tan off, tanning mitts make application a breeze. Compared to your hand, a mitt has a much larger surface area, which speeds up the application process and makes reaching your back a lot easier. To use a mitt for application, simply add a small amount of your go-to tanner before sweeping it all over your body in sections. When you get to your face, gently pat the mitt on your skin while keeping your eyes and mouth closed.

Buying the Right Tanning Mitts

Since mitts for exfoliating and application need to have different surfaces to perform well, you’ll need to buy them separately. The good news is that even the best tanning mitts are relatively inexpensive compared to other tanning accessories. For a complete system at a price you can afford, try the two-pack from St. Tropez. Designed with easy-grip technology and water-resistant materials, St. Tropez’s best-selling tanning mitts deliver flawless results without staining your hands.

Caring for Tanning Mitts

Like all beauty tools, tanning mitts need to be properly cleaned and stored to stay in great shape. Your tan off mitt should be rinsed off after each use and stored in a dry space. Application mitts should be washed with warm water and soap to remove leftover tanning solutions and prevent green discolouration.

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