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The Myth Of Shaving, Pores, And Spray Tanning

The Myth Of Shaving, Pores, And Spray Tanning


Article by Kim Van Tussenbroek from Colour Me Bronze Professional

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I often see the question being asked about shaving and what to do to get the pores to close in time so that spotting doesn’t occur when being spray tanned.

The pores aren’t so much the issue when shaving right before a spray tan, but the issue lies with the product that has been used on the skin to shave the legs. The golden rule that all spray tanners should be reiterating to their clients is;


This includes body wash/soap, moisturisers, deodorants, perfume or makeup.

Firstly, because products like body washes/soaps etc have a very high pH level (alkaline) and they raise the pH level of the skin. The higher the pH level of the skin the more chance you have of the tan turning golden or orange.

Secondly, because products like body washes/soaps/shaving creams etc can dry out the skin… especially in areas where the skin is thinner (ie shins). Placing a product like spray tan solution on the skin straight after shaving will result in a dryer result and will end up with a spray tan result that will crack in a day or two. With those solutions that contain alcohol/ethanol in the solution formulation can sting the skin if it’s been freshly shaved as well and potentially irritate the skin.

The reason why we need to shave the day before the appointment is to allow the moisture back into the skin, by its natural excretion of sebum, which is a natural lubricant that helps moisturise and protect our skin. Shaving the day before also allows us to moisturise the day prior to the appointment to ensure the skin is ready for the spray tan appointment (never moisturise the day of the appointment).

Thirdly, because the product may leave a barrier on the skin resulting in a lighter result in spray tan colour. Spray tan results are lighter in areas where the skin is thinner anyway; ie the shins, the chest area, and why fake boobs tan lighter (especially when they are new) because the skin is stretched and thinner of this area).

Pores don’t have muscles, so they can’t open and close. Some people just have larger pores than others and that’s why some people will clog with spray tan bronzer and others don’t. It doesn’t happen to everybody.

The function of the pore is to allow us to sweat and keep our body temperature normal. Hot water doesn’t actually change the size of the pores, but you can release blocked pores by steaming or hot water as it helps get rid of the debris that is stuck in the pores. Cold water won’t close them.

People with larger pores or those people who tend to get a spotty result when they spray tan and want to ‘train’ their pores to be less noticeable should try washing more regularly, especially after anything that makes them sweat, like exercise. People with larger pores should exfoliate more often as well as this will help ‘tame’ the size of the pore.

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– Kim
Kim | Colour Me Bronze Professional

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