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Tips For Starting Your Own Tanning Salon

Tips For Starting Your Own Tanning Salon


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If you love sunless tanning and have a knack for business, starting your own tanning salon is a great way to make your mark in today’s competitive beauty marketplace.

Whether you’re already in the planning stages or are just now starting to seriously consider the idea of being your own boss, this step-by-step guide can help you understand what it takes to build your dream salon from scratch.

1. Write a business plan

To give your tanning salon a solid foundation, you need to start with a good business plan. From covering your start-up expenses to detailing sales and marketing, a business plan should act as a complete manual that tells you how to create and run your salon effectively.

2. Find the right space

After writing up your business plan, you should know how much you can afford to spend on rent. When looking at different spaces, picture where you’re going to put your furniture, tanning products and equipment. Remember that you want to leave a little breathing space for your clients, but you also want to avoid wasting money on unused space. To get more walk-in traffic, try to find a retail storefront near non-competitive beauty businesses like make-up stores, spas and hair salons.

3. Register your tanning salon as a new business

Before you start decorating and moving in tanning machines, find out what legal requirements you need to fulfill to officially register a new business in your area. Don’t open doors to clients until you have all the necessary permits.

4. Buy machines and supplies

Tanning products and equipment should be at the top of your to-get list before the grand opening. To attract new customers and create a reputation as a high-end tanning salon, work with a well-known brand like Mine Tan. With choices that range from rookie starter packs to complete pro kits, Mine Tan’s professional range has everything you need to get your new business off to a smooth start. All kits come with essentials that include machines, tanning products, marketing materials and three tanning solutions of your choice.

5. Set up shop

To run your business effectively, you’ll need to build a reliable digital network. In addition to setting up the Internet, invest in an updated CRM system to record, track and store information about your clients.

6. Advertise

Use branded loyalty cards, appointment reminders, posters, brochures and bags to give your new business an identity – check out the range of marketing materials from Mine Tan. Try to offer new and returning clients specials and other incentives to keep using your services. While having a website is also important, exceptional customer service is the key to building a successful tanning business with a loyal clientele.

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