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What Are The Different Types Of Spray Tan Machines

What Are The Different Types Of Spray Tan Machines?


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When looking to get a spray tan machine, you will find that there are a plethora of options available for you to choose from.

Spray tanning machines need to match the purpose of their use and requirement in order to get optimal results. The various spray tan machines existing on the market today have their pros and cons, so you need to investigate the different types of spray tanning machines, and which ones match your needs.

HVLP (High Volume Low Pressure) Spray Tan Systems

The most popular spray tanning machine in the industry is the HVLP tanning machine. The HVLP machines are being commonly used in spray tanning salons and mobile businesses. The best HVLP spray tanning machines have a wattage between 400W to 700W. There are many advantages of using this type of machine;

  1. It does not waste the spray tanning solution like other spray tanning machines do. It has a deluxe gun, which does not leak or overspray since it only uses 30-50mls of the spray tanning solution.
  2. It tans an individual within 5 minutes. This means 6 people can be spray tanned within an hour.
  3. It does not overheat during usage as it has an automatic shut off system.
  4. It has an automatic heat function which assists in drying the client.

In addition, these spray tanning machines are light and portable – which makes them a perfect choice for mobile tanning businesses. There are different variations of the HVLP machines available, but they generally work in a similar manner and have the same advantages.

LVLP (Low Volume Low Pressure) Spray Tan Systems

In a LVLP spray tan machine, a turbine driven system forces out spray tanning solution through a gun that sprays out an even and quick spray tan mist. This peice of spray tan equipment differs from the HVLP system, because it operates at a lower pressure (at around 1PSI) and it is noisier when operating due to its extra fans situated in the turbine. The noise makes it unsuitable for mobile tanning businesses. Also, the quality of the spray tan created by the LVLP depends on the skill of the applier. It requires a lot precision and perfection when applying. As compared to other spray tanning machines, the LVLP machine is more expensive. The rest of the system is very similar to the HVLP system. It takes almost 10-15 minutes to apply the solution and it is very efficient. The stem does not overspray because it has a flexible spray delivery adjustment and it has a lower air pressure. It is recommended for home and spray tanning businesses.

Airbrush Spray Gun Machine

Airbrush spray tanning machines are used in many professional spray-tanning salons. There are a large variety of airbrush machines available but the most commonly used system is the airbrush tanning system with compressor. This type of airbrush system was mainly designed for fake tattooing, but it has since entered the tanning industry. The airbrush spray tanning machine is cheaper as compared to the LVLP and a lot less noisy. Such spray tana equipment is also cheaper when compared to other spray tanning systems. It works at a high pressure, which makes it deliver more spray tanning solution in less time. However, it also causes an overspray and wastage of the spray tanning solution. It also takes a longer time in spray tanning a client, with an average of around 25 to 40 minutes.

Automatic Spray Tanning Booths

An automatic spray tanning booth is an enclosed booth, very similar to a shower cubicle. Once a client stands in it, a spray tan solution is sprayed automatically as a mist from the numerous nozzles found on the sides of the booth. These nozzles spray the entire body. This type of spray tan machine has a very expensive setup cost and it requires a professional for its initial setup. The high costs are then reflected in the clients’ bill. Although this machine seems to be simple to work with, the results are not as accurate as those created by a handheld spray tan gun. Manual touchups are needed where the spray tan mist does not reach. The main advantages of this type of spray tan machine are: it takes only a minute or two to spray tan a client; and it is considered as the most private method of tanning the body. This machine is best suited for upscale spray tanning salons.

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