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Why Do Bodybuilders Use Fake Tan?

Why Do Bodybuilders Use Fake Tan?


Article by Norvell |

Bodybuilders are known for kicking off shows with brilliant smiles and perfectly bronzed bodies, but what makes an ultra-dark tan an absolute must-have in the world of strength competitions?

At first glance, getting a fake tan seems like a simple finishing touch to an eye-catching look for a one-of-a-kind entertainment stage. In reality, tanning plays a much bigger role in the global bodybuilding business than boosting aesthetics. Ever since professional strength competitions gained a worldwide following, the contestants’ perfectly bronzed skin tones have been deeply embedded in the pre-show prep traditions. Here, we share the top reasons why having the best fake tan on stage is now a classic bodybuilding trademark.

Win The Fight Against Fluorescent Stage Lights

Professional and aspiring bodybuilders alike think of standard stage lighting as one of the biggest challenges of getting their look just right. Harsh lighting, meant to illuminate every portion of the body for the judges and the audience, can automatically make lighter skin look sullen and washed out. Because how their bodies are presented on stage can make or break their careers, bodybuilders define the best fake tan as a dark chocolate colour that can withstand even the brightest stage lights.

Define Muscles

Dark tanners naturally create a contrast between the softer areas of the body and its angular features. Because muscles already stand out, the bronze accents make them appear larger and more noticeable. Another trick of the trade is to strategically layer tanning mist to accentuate muscle definition while contouring with a lighter colour to create the illusion of slimness in the waist and wrists. The differences between the two colour intensities balance the body and showcase the contestants’ best assets. Because it’s all about the play between light and shadow, contouring is always done manually by airbrush artists who use industry-friendly solutions like Norvell’s Black Out tanning mist. Developed specifically for stage competitions, the Black Out formula can be used both as an all-over spray tan and as a custom colour palette for manual airbrushing.

Hide Skin Imperfections

Bodybuilding is far from your typical beauty pageant, but the two have one thing in common. Whether going for the title of beauty queen or weight champion, contestants in any competition that involves evaluating body physique need to show off flawless skin to win. Infused with the strongest tanning agents on the market, competition tanners can hide imperfections that range from cellulite to stretch marks.

Look Thinner

Just because bodybuilding isn’t the same as a traditional beauty pageant doesn’t mean that show winners can get away with carrying extra weight that isn’t pure muscle. In fact, bodybuilders have to follow extremely strict diets that make maintaining a fashion model’s eating plan look easy. For stubborn trouble spots, the best fake tan is the ideal solution because darker skin instantly makes the body appear slimmer. While Norvell’s tanning mist is the industry favourite for head-to-toe colour, the Black Out collection’s self-tan lotion with glistening gold undertones is a must-have for bodybuilding stars who need a reliable at-home product for hiding those problem areas with a streak-free fake tan.

Why Do Bodybuilders Use Fake Tan?

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